DOI: 10.1093/glycob/cwad065 ISSN:

A single-step, rapid and versatile method for simultaneous detection of cell surface glycan profiles using fluorochrome-conjugated lectins

Nicolás I Torres, Montana N Manselle Cocco, Ramiro M Perrota, Yamil D Mahmoud, Mariana Salatino, Karina V Mariño, Gabriel A Rabinovich
  • Biochemistry


Cell surface glycans play essential roles in diverse physiological and pathological processes and their assessment has important implications in biomedicine and biotechnology. Here we present a rapid, versatile and single-step multicolor flow cytometry method for evaluation of cell surface glycan signatures using a panel of selected fluorochrome-conjugated lectins. This procedure allows simultaneous detection of cell surface glycans with a 10-fold reduction in the number of cells required compared to traditional multistep lectin staining methods. Interestingly, we used this one-step lectin array coupled with dimension reduction algorithms in a proof-of-concept application for discrimination among different tumor and immune cell populations. Moreover, this procedure was also able to unveil T, B and myeloid cell sub-clusters exhibiting differential glycophenotypes. Thus, we report a rapid and versatile lectin cytometry method to simultaneously detect a particular repertoire of surface glycans on living cells that can be easily implemented in different laboratories and core facilities.

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