DOI: 10.47947/ijnls.1329378 ISSN:

A Review on Medicinal Plants Used for Women’s Diseases and Health in Anatolia (Turkey)

Didem ÇAKIR, Hasan AKAN
  • General Earth and Planetary Sciences
  • General Engineering
  • General Environmental Science
Anatolia is of great importance in terms of researching plants used as traditional folk medicine, as Turkey has a rich flora in terms of biological diversity and has hosted many ancient civilizations. This study, it is aimed to scientifically determine the plants used by the people in traditional treatment for women's diseases and health and to compile local information about them. Within the scope of this study, many literatures were reviewed. In general studies, it has been seen that researchers show more interest in medicinal plants, but they do not do enough research in terms of women's diseases and health. Within the scope of this study, it has been determined that 141 plant species belonging to 54 families are used in women's diseases and health. Accordingly, the first 5 families are Asteraceae (24), Lamiaceae (12), Rosaceae (9), Fabaceae (7), and Apiaceae (6). It has been determined that important plant species such as Allium cepa L., Alcea apterocarpa Boiss., Ficus carica L., Malva sylvestris L., Papaver bracteatum Lindl., Prunus spinosa L. and Zea mays L. are used in women diseases and health. In this study, 72 references has been examined to determine the women's diseases in Anatolia.

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