DOI: 10.54475/jlt.2023.033 ISSN: 2770-4602

A review of the effect of textual enhancement on L2 learners’ grammar acquisition: An analysis of topic familiarity and TE types

Tian Gao

The relationship between textual enhancement and L2 learners’ grammar acquisition has been widely explored by researchers, while mixed results were provided by various empirical research. This review aims to examine whether textual enhancement has a positive impact on the grammar acquisition of second language learners. Furthermore, the possible concurring moderating factors of topic familiarity and textual enhancement type are discussed in terms of their impact on form acquisition. The review concludes by acknowledging the challenges in definitively establishing the positive impact of textual enhancement on form acquisition, emphasizing the need for rigorous empirical research and critical evaluation of outcomes to enhance the integration of grammar instruction into meaning-based approaches.

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