DOI: 10.54207/bsmps1000-2023-71i5y0 ISSN: 0971-9431

A preliminary assessment of bryophyte diversity in some alpine areas of East Sikkim, India

Anshul Dhyani, Kumar Shantanu, Bhupendra Kholia, Prem Uniyal
In the East Sikkim district of India, a field survey revealed the presence of 49 distinct bryophyte taxa, with a significant representation from the Pottiaceae, Leucobryaceae, and Grimmiaceae families. Remarkably, this survey contributes 12 taxa as novel records for Sikkim. Among the bryophytes catalogued, 45 belong to the mosses, while four are liverworts, collectively spanning 18 families, which include 15 moss families and three liverwort families. The predominant growth forms observed are characterized by cushions, mats, or turfs, underscoring the adaptability of these bryophytes to diverse substrates and microenvironments. These bryophytes are recognized for their resilience in challenging environmental conditions, making them valuable indicators of extreme climate and the geological composition, including calcium rocks and gneiss, found in the area.

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