DOI: 10.1063/5.0147107 ISSN:

A hybrid system for simultaneous velocity and distance measurements in dynamic experiments

Jing Wang, Shouxian Liu, Shixing Tao, Jianzhong Li, Qixian Peng
  • Instrumentation

The accurate measurement of an object’s motion requires knowledge of both its position and its velocity. The commonly used photonic Doppler velocimetry and broadband laser ranging techniques are ideal for conducting simultaneous dynamic experiments. Instead of employing two distinct measurement systems, we developed a hybrid system that can simultaneously measure velocity and distance in dynamic experiments. This reduces cost and complexity, particularly for multi-channel tests, by using only one probe, photodetector, and oscilloscope channel. By precisely synchronizing the velocity and distance data in time, the system can assist with interpreting the target’s position and orientation.

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