DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.adi5451 ISSN:

A flexible omnidirectional rotating magnetic array for MRI-safe transdermal wireless energy harvesting through flexible electronics

Mingxing Zhou, Sui Mao, Ziyue Wu, Ya Li, Zhen Yang, Xinyu Liu, Wei Ling, Jiameng Li, Bixiao Cui, Yu Guo, Rui Guo, Wenxing Huo, Xian Huang
  • Multidisciplinary

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)–safe implantable wireless energy harvester offers substantial benefits to patients suffering from brain disorders, hearing impairment, and arrhythmias. However, rigid magnets in cutting-edge systems with limited numbers of rotation axis impose high risk of device dislodgement and magnet failure. Here, a flexible omnidirectional rotating magnetic array (FORMA) and a flexible MRI-safe implantable wireless energy-harvesting system have been developed. Miniaturized flexible magnetic balls 1 millimeter in diameter achieved by molding three-dimensional printed templates can rotate freely in elastomer cavities and supply a magnetic force of 2.14 Newtons at a distance of 1 millimeter between an implantable receiver and a wearable transceiver. The system can work stably under an acceleration of 9 g and obtain a power output of 15.62 decibel milliwatts at a transmission frequency of 8 megahertz. The development of the FORMA may lead to life-long flexible and batteryless implantable systems and offers the potential to promote techniques for monitoring and treating acute and chronic diseases.

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