Yves Franklin Ngueto, René Laprise, Oumarou Nikiéma

A Detailed Limited-Area Atmospheric Energy Cycle for Climate and Weather Studies

  • Atmospheric Science
  • Environmental Science (miscellaneous)

Lorenz’ seminal work on global atmospheric energetics improved our understanding of the general circulation. With the advent of Regional Climate Models (RCMs), it is important to have a limited-area energetic budget available that is applicable for both weather and climate, analogous to Lorenz’ global atmospheric energetics. A regional-scale energetic budget is obtained in this study by applying Reynolds decomposition rules to quadratic forms of the kinetic energy K and the available enthalpy A, to obtain time mean and time deviation contributions. According to the employed definition, the time mean energy contributions are decomposed in a component associated with the time-averaged atmospheric state and a component due to the time-averaged statistics of transient eddies; these contributions are suitable for the study of the climate over a region of interest. Energy fluctuations (the deviations of instantaneous energies from their climate value) that are appropriate for weather studies are split into quadratic and linear contributions. The sum of all the contributions returns exactly to the total primitive kinetic energy and available enthalpy equations.

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