DOI: 10.3390/rs15174211 ISSN:

A Collaborative Superpixelwise Autoencoder for Unsupervised Dimension Reduction in Hyperspectral Images

Chao Yao, Lingfeng Zheng, Longchao Feng, Fan Yang, Zehua Guo, Miao Ma
  • General Earth and Planetary Sciences

The dimension reduction (DR) technique plays an important role in hyperspectral image (HSI) processing. Among various DR methods, superpixel-based approaches offer flexibility in capturing spectral–spatial information and have shown great potential in HSI tasks. The superpixel-based methods divide the samples into groups and apply the DR technique to the small groups. Nevertheless, we find these methods would increase the intra-class disparity by neglecting the fact the samples from the same class may reside on different superpixels, resulting in performance decay. To address this problem, a novel unsupervised DR named the Collaborative superpixelwise Auto-Encoder (ColAE) is proposed in this paper. The ColAE begins by segmenting the HSI into different homogeneous regions using a superpixel-based method. Then, a set of Auto-Encoders (AEs) is applied to the samples within each superpixel. To reduce the intra-class disparity, a manifold loss is introduced to restrict the samples from the same class, even if located in different superpixels, to have similar representations in the code space. In this way, the compact and discriminative spectral–spatial feature is obtained. Experimental results on three HSI data sets demonstrate the promising performance of ColAE compared to existing state-of-the-art methods.

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