DOI: 10.3390/rs15174227 ISSN:

A Coherent Integration and Parameter Estimation Method for Constant Radial Acceleration Weak Target via SOKT-IAR-LVD

Renli Zhang, Nan Xu
  • General Earth and Planetary Sciences

In order to enhance the detection and parameter estimation capacity to the maneuvering target with complex motions, a low complexity coherent integration and parameter estimation method named SOKT-IAR-LVD is proposed in this paper. In SOKT-IAR-LVD, first, the second-order keystone transform (SOKT) is utilized to eliminate the range curvature induced by target acceleration. Second, improved axis rotation (IAR) is applied to regulate the linear range migration by rotating the fast time axis and the target envelope is aligned along the slow time axis with a quadratic phase characteristic. At last, the target signal is coherently integrated via the Lv’s Distribution (LVD) transform. The target motion parameters, including range, velocity, and acceleration, are estimated by the IAR and LVD results. The integration gain and computational load of SOKT-IAR-LVD are analyzed. Without needing to estimate the Doppler ambiguity number and target acceleration, the computational burden of SOKT-IAR-LVD is three orders of magnitude lower than that of the Radon-Lv’s Distribution (RLVD) method. Simulation results demonstrate that the detection performance of SOKT-IAR-LVD is almost the same as that of RLVD and that the required input SNR of SOKT-IAR-LVD is 17.4 dB lower than that of SOKT–Radon Fourier transform (SOKT-RFT) when the detection threshold is set to 12 dB.

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