Xingcheng Zhang, Yanyan Li, Sitong Lu, Aoqi Xi, Qiuju Zhou, Luyao Chen

3,5‐dinitro‐N2,N6‐bis(2,4,6‐trinitrophenyl)pyrazine‐2,6‐diamine (ZXC‐71): Thermally stable explosives with outstanding properties

  • General Chemical Engineering
  • General Chemistry

AbstractSingle‐compound heat‐resistant explosives are an important class of high‐energy compounds with excellent thermal stability. In this paper, a novel thermally stable explosive 3,5‐dinitro‐N2,N6‐bis(2,4,6‐trinitrophenyl)pyrazine‐2,6‐diamine (ZXC‐71) is reported. The commercially available 2,6‐dichloropyrazine was used as raw materials to prepare this compound with a straightforward method. The crystalline structure of ZXC‐71 was determined by single‐crystal X‐ray diffraction. From the calculated standard molar enthalpy of formation and the measured density, the Chapman–Jouguet detonation properties were predicted. The detonation velocity (D), detonation pressure (P), and density (ρ) of ZXC‐71 are 8608 m s−1, 29.8 GPa, and 1.86 g cm−3, respectively. ZXC‐71 also exhibits remarkable impact sensitivity (FS=22 J).

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