DOI: 10.1097/xcs.0000000000000933 ISSN: 1072-7515

2023 Excelsior Surgical Society Presidential Address: Expeditionary Surgeons: Essential to Surgical Leadership in World War II and Today

Jeremy W Cannon
  • Surgery

This Presidential Address, given during the Annual Symposium of the Excelsior Surgical Society of the American College of Surgeons, explores the origins of the Expeditionary Surgeon. The essential traits of such a surgeon-leader are defined using examples from history and are then used to examine the leadership of Edward D. Churchill during World War II as the prototypical Expeditionary Surgeon. In the future, designating key military surgical leaders as Expeditionary Surgeons would serve our nation’s interests well in preserving our fighting force on the battlefield. Consideration should be given to formally training and designating such surgical leaders for the military and other austere settings.

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