DOI: 10.1097/psn.0000000000000546 ISSN: 2770-3509

Optimizing Facial Aesthetics: Sequential Application of Botulinum Toxin A and Dermal Fillers for Enhanced Results

Constance Hall
  • Advanced and Specialized Nursing
  • Medical–Surgical Nursing
  • Surgery

In recent years, the field of aesthetic medicine has witnessed significant advancements, offering patients a plethora of options to rejuvenate their appearance. Among the most popular techniques are the administration of botulinum toxin A (BoNT-A) and dermal fillers. This article delves into the rationale and benefits of preparing the face with BoNT-A to weaken depressor muscles before proceeding with dermal filler injections. This sequential approach not only enhances patient outcomes but also improves procedural safety and patient satisfaction while reducing the chances of needing filler. This article reviews the anatomy, scientific evidence, and clinical implications supporting this innovative approach while shedding light on the potential for revolutionizing facial aesthetic procedures. With advanced applications of BoNT-A, it is possible to slim round faces, reduce jowling, create hollowing in some patients by obliterating masseters, slim the parotid, extend the chin, and more.

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