DOI: 10.22331/q-2023-08-01-1071 ISSN: 2521-327X

20-Mode Universal Quantum Photonic Processor

Caterina Taballione, Malaquias Correa Anguita, Michiel de Goede, Pim Venderbosch, Ben Kassenberg, Henk Snijders, Narasimhan Kannan, Ward L. Vleeshouwers, Devin Smith, Jörn P. Epping, Reinier van der Meer, Pepijn W. H. Pinkse, Hans van den Vlekkert, Jelmer J. Renema
  • Physics and Astronomy (miscellaneous)
  • Atomic and Molecular Physics, and Optics

Integrated photonics is an essential technology for optical quantum computing. Universal, phase-stable, reconfigurable multimode interferometers (quantum photonic processors) enable manipulation of photonic quantum states and are one of the main components of photonic quantum computers in various architectures. In this paper, we report the realization of the largest quantum photonic processor to date. The processor enables arbitrary unitary transformations on its 20 input modes with an amplitude fidelity of FHaar=97.4% and FPerm=99.5% for Haar-random and permutation matrices, respectively, an optical loss of 2.9 dB averaged over all modes, and high-visibility quantum interference with VHOM=98%. The processor is realized in Si3N4 waveguides and is actively cooled by a Peltier element.

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