DOI: 10.1002/ocea.5380 ISSN: 0029-8077

Water Futures in Australia: Materialities, Temporalities, Imaginaries

Sally Babidge, Ute Eickelkamp, Linda Connor
  • History and Philosophy of Science
  • Anthropology


This special issue is part of a shift in social science and humanities thinking and in public awareness towards planetary water concerns. As societal and scholarly attention to the wet element – and its political import and its cultural constitution – is growing, we ask, how can we rethink our relationships with water in Australia now and into the future? The collection of papers in this issue shows that water responds to human practices which in turn are grounded in cultural imaginaries. Water is thus real in diverse ways, and makes possible diverse material, political and cultural relationships. Taking our lead from the ideas that contributors have developed from this and other questions posed for the issue, our introductory discussion considers three themes that are key to the understanding of water futures in Australia: materialities, temporalities and imaginaries.

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