DOI: 10.1093/comjnl/bxae011 ISSN: 0010-4620

Visual Intrusion Detection Based On CBAM-Capsule Networks

Zhongjun Yang, Qing Huang, Qi Wang, Xuejun Zong, Ran Ao
  • General Computer Science


Intrusion detection has become a research focus in internet information security, with deep learning algorithms playing a crucial role in its development. Typically, intrusion detection data are transformed into a two-dimensional matrix by segmenting, stacking and padding them with zeros for input into deep learning models. However, this method consumes computational resources and fails to consider the correlation between features. In this paper, we transform the data into images through visualization operations and propose an information entropy weighted scheme to optimize the collision element problem during the transformation process. This method enhances the correlation between pixel frame features, leading to approximately 2% improvement in accuracy of the classification model when using the generated image samples for detection in experiments. To address the issues of insensitivity to target feature locations and incomplete feature extraction in traditional neural networks, this paper introduces a new network model called CBAM-CapsNet, which combines the advantages of the lightweight Convolutional Block Attention Module and capsule networks. Experimental results on the UNSW-NB15 and IDS-2017 datasets demonstrate that the proposed model achieves accuracies of 92.94% and 99.72%, respectively. The F1 scores obtained are 91.83% and 99.56%, indicating a high level of detection.