DOI: 10.1515/roms-2023-0036 ISSN:

Unveiling Brand Convergence in Consideration Sets: The Effects of Purchase for Self or Others and Product Nature

Fumiaki Kikuchi
  • Marketing


The creation of a consideration set, which constitutes a cluster of brands that a consumer contemplates buying from, plays a vital role in purchasing behavior. An understanding of its composition aids in the development of effective marketing strategies. However, existing research does not sufficiently explore brand convergence in the consideration set across consumers (BCCS). This study explored variations in BCCS according to whether the purchase is intended for self-use or as a gift, as well as the nature of the product (utilitarian or hedonic). A questionnaire survey involving 1219 participants provided data for empirical analysis. The findings revealed a higher BCCS for purchases made for self with respect to utilitarian products such as ballpoint pens, whereas hedonic products such as chocolates showed a higher BCCS when purchased for others than for self. These findings offer new insights into the underexplored area of BCCS; they suggest that desired assortment size should be tailored according to purchase intent and the nature of the targeted product (utilitarian or hedonic).

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