DOI: 10.1177/03080226231214369 ISSN: 0308-0226

The strategies used by adults with visual impairment

Julie Ann Nastasi
  • Occupational Therapy


Current research on visual impairment focuses on children and older adults with visual impairment. This study explored the strategies for living used by three middle-aged adults with visual impairment.


A qualitative study with five interviews and three observation sessions was conducted with middle-aged adults with visual impairment. Data were analyzed by participant and across participants using open, axial, and selective coding. Codes were refined throughout the process yielding the themes of the study that were verified by the participants in the final interview.

Results (or Findings):

The following themes emerged from the study: incorporating useful strategies and technology into everyday life, socialization through participation in activities, utilizing state services to facilitate independence, desire for autonomy, and challenges in everyday life.


The study highlights the importance of independence in everyday life through adaptive techniques/adaptation and a desire for autonomy.

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