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Türkiye'de Futbol Tercümanlığına Genel Bir Bakış ve Tercüman Görüşleri

  • General Engineering
Sports area, where many different nations and cultures come together, has been one of the biggest factors that increase intercultural communication. Football, one of the biggest fields in terms of sports, succeeds in bringing together the different cultures on a common ground. It has always attracted the most attention for years and has become an international industry. This interest of humanity in football has enabled the sector to reach very large masses financially. The language of sports and football has its own technical terms and jargon. People who will work in this field should have not only the terminology of this area but also a background knowledge of the field. As a field of study that brings together different nations, it is one of the most important sectors where translators and interpreters are needed the most. In this study, football interpreting has been mentioned as an important translation area and sector. The main aim of this study is to inform the new interpreters in the field of football interpreting about this sector, the subtleties and achievements of the profession. The main data of this research consists of interview questions and answers received from professional football interpreters. This study not only aims to provide information, but also analyses the translator profile with real one-to-one interviews. With the extensive information provided by the professional interpreters in the field, the details of the process have been clarified and the mastery of the work has been revealed. As a result of the interview, some conditions provided to translators while working in sports clubs, not much known information until now about the first entry of interpreters into the profession, types of contracts in the profession, financial gain, professionalism of this sector, professional association, advantages/disadvantages of the profession and social rights of translators have been revealed.

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