DOI: 10.1002/ird.2878 ISSN:

Sustainability and modernization of agricultural irrigation: A comparative assessment of two irrigation schemes

Öner Çetin, Aynur Fayrap, Ramazan Yolcu
  • Soil Science
  • Agronomy and Crop Science


In this study, two different irrigation schemes in Turkey were evaluated. One is Devegeçidi irrigation, which was put into operation in 1972. The command area is 5800 ha, and farmers used surface irrigation. Ergani irrigation, a modern irrigation scheme using drip and/or sprinkler irrigation systems with an irrigation area of 1866 ha, was put into operation in 2021. The average total water use (TWU), irrigation efficiency (IE), water economic productivity (WEP) and net income (NI) were 11,728 m3 ha−1, 45%, $0.21 m−3 and $2354 ha−1 in the Devegecidi irrigation, respectively, and all the same criteria results were 6189 m3 ha−1, 81%, $0.78 m−3 and $4789 ha−1 in the Ergani irrigation, respectively. In addition, irrigation water productivities (IWPs) in wheat, cotton and corn for the Devegeçidi irrigation were 0.78, 0.47 and 1.21 kg m−3, while those values were 0.89, 0.89 and 2.26 kg m−3 in the Ergani irrigation scheme, respectively. The study results show that the modernization of irrigation systems is significantly important in saving irrigation water and increasing the income of farmers and water productivity. These indicators can guide decision makers in the modernization of irrigation systems.

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