DOI: 10.13005/ojc/390432 ISSN:

Sunlight Induced Photogalvanics for Conversion and Storage of Solar Energy: Coomassie Brilliant Blue-Isopropyl Alcohol-Sodium Lauryl Sulphate System

Pratibha Sharma, Jayshree Rathore
  • Drug Discovery
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • General Chemistry

Research plan was proposed for systematic observation with scientific way in the solar cell field of photogalvanics. It was analysis of experimental work under the solar energy output. The study of photogalvanic was done for solar energy conversion and storage by using of dye as Coomassie Brilliant Blue CBB), reductant as Isopropyl alcohol (IA), and surfactant as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS). For this purpose, a specially designed H shaped photogalvanic system was used under investigation for innovative results. Different scientific instruments were used for methodology set up i.e., pH meter (digital), microammeter, and 200 Wt. W bulb (As light source), multi-meter, two electrodes (one was calomel and another was Pt), carbon pot 450 k, resistance key. Findings: The photogalvanic cells were studied using different parameters via photo potential, photocurrent, conversion efficiency, fill factor and cell performance. The above values are as follows: 533.0 mV, 201.0 uA, 0.8796 %, 0.3066 and 114.0 minutes. These cells were studied for the good results in solar energy field. Novelty: The observed results are very good over previously obtained results with respect to Coomassie brilliant blue, reductant as Isopropyl alcohol, and surfactant as sodium lauryl sulphate system.

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