DOI: 10.1063/1.1699894 ISSN:

Studies in Newtonian Flow. II. The Dependence of the Viscosity of Liquids on Free-Space

Arthur K. Doolittle
  • General Physics and Astronomy

In this paper it is shown that the viscosity of the liquid normal paraffins can be accurately defined as a simple function of relative free-space except for values in the neighborhood of the freezing points of each compound. A novel method of extrapolating the specific volumes of this family of compounds to absolute zero is described which permits the calculation of reliable values of the relative free-space from density data.

An expression of the same form as the author's function, but in which temperature rather than free-space is the primary variable (the so-called Andrade equation), fails to reproduce the viscosity of n-heptadecane over the same range of temperatures within the limits of the known accuracy of the measurements.

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