DOI: 10.3390/fishes8090436 ISSN:

Strengthening Taiwan–Philippines Ties: Forging a Fisheries Cooperation in Shared Waters under the WCPFC Framework

Wen-Hong Liu, Johonsan Fabilane, Wen-Kai Hsu
  • Ecology
  • Aquatic Science
  • Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics

Studies have shown the abundance of fisheries resources in the waters of the northern part of the Philippines bordering southern Taiwan. However, discrepancies in legal frameworks, enforcement mechanisms, and cultural practices, as well as maritime boundary issues, contribute to complexities in collaboration. This paper thus aims to provide an understanding into the intricacies and challenges faced by both countries in managing their shared fishing resources. By analyzing the relevant international laws and instruments on fisheries cooperation, the paper shows what coastal states and entities fishing in the high seas could do to manage and conserve fishery resources in disputed areas. Existing fisheries agreements in the region such as the Taiwan–Japan Fisheries Cooperation provide a template of the kind of cooperation that can be concluded within the overlapping waters of both nations. Results of the analysis show how important it is for both nations to acknowledge the significance of fisheries cooperation in the overlapping waters. By recognizing the mutual benefits of sustainable resource management through peaceful dialogue, establishing a fisheries cooperation under the legal framework of the WCPFC is the logical solution. The findings contribute to understanding the complexities of cross-border fisheries cooperation and provide valuable insights for policymakers and stakeholders in the region.

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