DOI: 10.1111/aec.13430 ISSN:

Records of the land planarian Polycladus gayi (Tricladida, Geoplanidae) preying on black snails Macrocyclis peruvianus (Gastropoda, Macrocyclidae)

Piter K. Boll, Yerko Lloncón, Diego Almendras
  • Ecology
  • Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics


Polycladus gayi is a colourful and easily recognizable land planarian native to the temperate to cold rainforests of the west coast of southern South America, in Chile and Argentina; however, its ecology is poorly understood. Here, we describe the first records of P. gayi preying on a black snail Macrocyclis peruvianus in the wild. Two events were recorded, the first in a healthy forest in Llancahue Alto, Panguipulli, Chile, during the austral summer of 2023, and the second in a mature evergreen forest in the coastal range of La Union, Chile. These records expand our knowledge of the feeding habits and behaviour of P. gayi and add M. peruvianus to its prey list.

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