DOI: 10.3390/act12090347 ISSN:

Standalone and Interconnected Analysis of an Independent Accumulator Pressure Compressibility Hydro-Pneumatic Suspension for the Four-Axle Heavy Truck

Thiyagarajan Jayaraman, Muthuramalingam Thangaraj
  • Control and Optimization
  • Control and Systems Engineering

This paper has proposed a new hydro-pneumatic damper, allowing independent accumulator pressure compressibility from the chamber pressure which enhances isolation performances due its lower F-V hysteresis effect at moderate velocities. The system utilizes the generic hydraulic damper with two hydro-pneumatic accumulators and four check valves in its design. To evaluate the active suspension capability of proposed damper effectiveness, a 22-degrees-of-freedom (DOF), four-axle truck model is integrated with a hydraulic control valve, which is built in an LMS-AME sim environment. Then, the model is exported as an S-function into Matlab/Simulink co-simulation platform for the hydraulic servo-valve control input of a model predictive control (MPC) and proportional-integral-derivative (PID) output signal. Simulation results show that the MPC and an additional supply of fluid to the proposed damper provide better performances and an adaptive damping capability is established. This work also showcases the development and results of a roll interconnected suspension study to assess the proposed damper characteristics when it is interconnected. The various advantages of the proposed-HPIS system over the well-known hydraulic interconnected system (HIS) and hydro-pneumatic interconnected suspension (HPIS) system are studied.

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