DOI: 10.3390/axioms12080733 ISSN: 2075-1680

Solvability, Approximation and Stability of Periodic Boundary Value Problem for a Nonlinear Hadamard Fractional Differential Equation with p-Laplacian

Kaihong Zhao
  • Geometry and Topology
  • Logic
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Algebra and Number Theory
  • Analysis

The fractional order p-Laplacian differential equation model is a powerful tool for describing turbulent problems in porous viscoelastic media. The study of such models helps to reveal the dynamic behavior of turbulence. Therefore, this article is mainly concerned with the periodic boundary value problem (BVP) for a class of nonlinear Hadamard fractional differential equation with p-Laplacian operator. By virtue of an important fixed point theorem on a complete metric space with two distances, we study the solvability and approximation of this BVP. Based on nonlinear analysis methods, we further discuss the generalized Ulam-Hyers (GUH) stability of this problem. Eventually, we supply two example and simulations to verify the correctness and availability of our main results. Compared to many previous studies, our approach enables the solution of the system to exist in metric space rather than normed space. In summary, we obtain some sufficient conditions for the existence, uniqueness, and stability of solutions in the metric space.

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