DOI: 10.1155/2023/8810293 ISSN:

Smartphone Attachment and Self-Regulation Mediate the Influence of Avoidant Attachment Style on Phubbing

Juhyung Sun, Claude H. Miller
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • General Social Sciences
  • Social Psychology

This study examines the nature of phubbing (i.e., smartphone snubbing) within an attachment theory perspective to empirically demonstrate both direct and indirect associations between attachment avoidance, smartphone attachment, self-regulation, and phubbing within a sample of 440 young adults. The study provides empirical evidence indicating smartphone attachment and self-regulation mediate the relationship between avoidant attachment and phubbing. Six hypotheses are posited, and a confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) controlling for age, gender, and time spent per day on smartphones was performed to test the hypothesized relationships. The CFA model was confirmed, and all six hypotheses were supported revealing the joint-mediated effect of smartphone attachment and self-regulation on the relationship between avoidant attachment style and phubbing.

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