DOI: 10.3390/computers12090174 ISSN:

Automated Optimization-Based Deep Learning Models for Image Classification Tasks

Daudi Mashauri Migayo, Shubi Kaijage, Stephen Swetala, Devotha G. Nyambo
  • Computer Networks and Communications
  • Human-Computer Interaction

Applying deep learning models requires design and optimization when solving multifaceted artificial intelligence tasks. Optimization relies on human expertise and is achieved only with great exertion. The current literature concentrates on automating design; optimization needs more attention. Similarly, most existing optimization libraries focus on other machine learning tasks rather than image classification. For this reason, an automated optimization scheme of deep learning models for image classification tasks is proposed in this paper. A sequential-model-based optimization algorithm was used to implement the proposed method. Four deep learning models, a transformer-based model, and standard datasets for image classification challenges were employed in the experiments. Through empirical evaluations, this paper demonstrates that the proposed scheme improves the performance of deep learning models. Specifically, for a Virtual Geometry Group (VGG-16), accuracy was heightened from 0.937 to 0.983, signifying a 73% relative error rate drop within an hour of automated optimization. Similarly, training-related parameter values are proposed to improve the performance of deep learning models. The scheme can be extended to automate the optimization of transformer-based models. The insights from this study may assist efforts to provide full access to the building and optimization of DL models, even for amateurs.

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