DOI: 10.3390/buildings13092184 ISSN:

Shear Behavior and Analytical Method of Vertically Corrugated Steel Plate Shear Walls with Inelastic Buckling of Infilled Plates

Qiang Cao, Jingyu Huang
  • Building and Construction
  • Civil and Structural Engineering
  • Architecture

This paper presents numerical investigations of the shear performance of vertically corrugated steel plate shear walls (CvSPSWs) with inelastic buckling of infilled plates under lateral loads. A numerical model was developed and verified by an experiment. Subsequently, a series of parametric analyses were conducted to investigate the effects of the concerned parameters on the shear performance of CvSPSWs, such as the connection type, height–thickness ratio, aspect ratio, horizontal subpanel width, and surrounding beam stiffness, in which the loading mechanism, buckling behavior, and failure modes of the corrugated steel plate (CSP) in the CvSPSW were discussed. The results show that CvSPSWs exhibit large initial stiffness, in-plane and out-of-plane strength, and good displacement ductility. Further, a formula for predicting the buckling strength of the CSP in the CvSPSW is proposed, and the effect of the section stiffness of the inclined subpanel on buckling strength and the development of the tension field of the CSP was investigated. In addition, simplified analytical models for CvSPSWs were examined to simplify the elastoplastic analysis of CvSPSWs. The results show that the plate-frame interaction model and the modified strip model can reproduce the shear performance of CvSPSWs with good accuracy.

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