DOI: 10.3390/polym15163483 ISSN:

Self-Vibration of Liquid Crystal Elastomer Strings under Steady Illumination

Haiyang Wu, Yuntong Dai, Kai Li
  • Polymers and Plastics
  • General Chemistry

Self-vibrating systems based on active materials have been widely developed, but most of the existing self-oscillating systems are complex and difficult to control. To fulfill the requirements of different functions and applications, it is necessary to construct more self-vibrating systems that are easy to control, simple in material preparation and fast in response. This paper proposes a liquid crystal elastomer (LCE) string–mass structure capable of continuous vibration under steady illumination. Based on the linear elastic model and the dynamic LCE model, the dynamic governing equations of the LCE string–mass system are established. Through numerical calculation, two regimes of the LCE string–mass system, namely the static regime and the self-vibration regime, are obtained. In addition, the light intensity, contraction coefficient and elastic coefficient of the LCE can increase the amplitude and frequency of the self-vibration, while the damping coefficient suppresses the self-oscillation. The LCE string–-mass system proposed in this paper has the advantages of simple structure, easy control and customizable size, which has a wide application prospect in the fields of energy harvesting, autonomous robots, bionic instruments and medical equipment.

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