DOI: 10.3390/jmse11081598 ISSN:

Sedimentary Characteristics and Model of Lacustrine Deep Water Gravity Flow in the Third Member of Paleogene Shahejie Formation in Niuzhuang Sag, Bohai Bay Basin, China

Yuanpei Zhang, Jun Xie, Kuiyan Gu, Haibo Zhao, Chuanhua Li, Xiaofan Hao
  • Ocean Engineering
  • Water Science and Technology
  • Civil and Structural Engineering

This article studies the sedimentary characteristics and models of the delta and gravity flow system of the third member of the Shahejie Formation in the Niuzhuang Sag area. Through seismic, logging, and core observation methods, a thorough investigation is conducted to examine the lithologic characteristics, grain size characteristics, sedimentary structure characteristics, and sedimentary facies distribution characteristics of this region. The results show that the third middle member of the Shahejie Formation in the Niuzhuang Sag can be classified into four sedimentary types: sliding, collapse, clastic flow, and turbidity flow. This article aimed to establish the distribution characteristics and depositional models of the deltaic and gravity flow depositional systems within the study area. The findings reveal that slip deposition primarily occurs near the delta front, while collapse and clastic flow depositions are concentrated near the far slope. Moreover, turbidity flow deposition is found near the far slope. This study significantly contributes to our understanding of the sedimentary characteristics and models associated with deltas and gravity flow systems in faulted lacustrine basins. Furthermore, it enriches existing theories related to gravity flow and provides a valuable reference for the investigation of deep-water sedimentation in continental faulted lacustrine basins.

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