DOI: 10.1002/cjoc.202300288 ISSN: 1001-604X

Chloride‐Promoted Photoelectrochemical C—H Silylation of Heteroarenes

Xin‐Ru Zhao, Yu‐Chen Zhang, Zhong‐Wei Hou, Lei Wang
  • General Chemistry

Comprehensive Summary

A photoelectrochemical approach for the C—H silylation of heteroarenes through dehydrogenation cross‐coupling with H2 evolution has been developed. The photoelectrochemical C—H silylation depends on hydrogen atom transfer (HAT) from silanes to Cl‐radical generated through the light‐induced homolytic cleavage of Cl2, in which Cl2 was produced by electrochemical oxidation of chloride. A large number of silylated heterocyclic molecules are rapidly constructed in satisfactory yields without relying on oxidants and metal reagents.

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