DOI: 10.1063/5.0157288 ISSN:

Rotationally synchronized single-pixel imaging for a fast-rotating object

Mengchao Ma, Chen Wang, Yiqi Jia, Qingtian Guan, Wenbo Liang, Chunyang Chen, Xiang Zhong, Huaxia Deng
  • Physics and Astronomy (miscellaneous)

In practical application environments, objects are rarely stationary, which makes it difficult to image dynamic objects with conventional single-pixel imaging (SI) techniques. In this paper, a rotationally synchronized single-pixel imaging (RS-SI) method is proposed to image a dynamic object in rotation. The modulation pattern rotates in sync with the rapidly rotating object, and the center of object rotation is ensured to be in line with the center of the illumination pattern. Then, RS-SI reconstruction algorithm is used to reconstruct the image of the rotating object by collecting the light reflected from the object's surface. This method does not require advanced knowledge of the object rotation speed to complete the imaging. Simulation and experimental results confirm that the RS-SI can reconstruct images of an object at rotational speeds up to 422.0 rpm and can also complete imaging of a variable-speed rotating object. Imaging results of 128 × 128 pixels at a sampling rate of 27.47% can be obtained with high fidelity. The proposed RS-SI is a method for imaging an object in rotation, providing insights for future applications of single-pixel imaging technology for defect detection in rotating parts.

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