DOI: 10.1200/jco.23.00443 ISSN:

Risk Factors for Relapse in Nonseminomatous Testicular Cancer After Postchemotherapy Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection With Viable Residual Cancer

Luca Antonelli, Davide Ardizzone, Isamu Tachibana, Nabil Adra, Clint Cary, Lee Hugar, Wade J. Sexton, Aditya Bagrodia, Michal Mego, Siamak Daneshmand, Nicola Nicolai, Sebastiano Nazzani, Patrizia Giannatempo, Andrea Franza, Axel Heidenreich, Pia Paffenholz, Ragheed Saoud, Scott Eggener, Matthew Ho, Nathaniel Oswald, Kathleen Olson, Alexey Tryakin, Mikhail Fedyanin, Natacha Naoun, Christophe Javaud, Walter Cazzaniga, David Nicol, Axel Gerdtsson, Torgrim Tandstad, Karim Fizazi, Christian Daniel Fankhauser,
  • Cancer Research
  • Oncology

What is the role of pcRPLND in men with retroperitoneal vital cancer after first-line chemotherapy? This question arises because of the potential predictive value of miR371 in identifying residual cancer even before pcRPLND! @cdfankhauser shared data within a multicenter cohort study redefining future practice in the miR371 era.

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