DOI: 10.3390/nu15163630 ISSN:

Rice Bran Extract Suppresses High-Fat Diet-Induced Hyperlipidemia and Hepatosteatosis through Targeting AMPK and STAT3 Signaling

Joe Eun Son, Jay-Young Jo, San Kim, Min Ju Park, Yerin Lee, Seong Shil Park, Shin Young Park, Su Myung Jung, Sung Keun Jung, Ji Yeon Kim, Sanguine Byun
  • Food Science
  • Nutrition and Dietetics

Rice bran, a by-product of rice milling, is abundant in bioactive molecules and is highly recognized for its health-promoting properties, particularly in improving metabolic conditions. Building on this knowledge, we aimed to optimize the extraction conditions to maximize the functional efficacy of rice bran extract (RBE) and further validate its impact on lipid metabolism. We found that the optimized RBE (ORBE) significantly suppressed high-fat diet-induced weight gain, hyperlipidemia, and hepatosteatosis in mouse models. ORBE treatment not only suppressed lipid uptake in vivo, but also reduced lipid accumulation in HepG2 cells. Importantly, we discovered that ORBE administration resulted in activation of AMPK and inhibition of STAT3, which are both crucial players in lipid metabolism in the liver. Collectively, ORBE potentially offers promise as a dietary intervention strategy against hyperlipidemia and hepatosteatosis. This study underlines the value of optimized extraction conditions in enhancing the functional efficacy of rice bran.

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