DOI: 10.1177/11206721231199120 ISSN:

Resolution of Macular Edema secondary to rituximab after intravitreal dexamethasone: A case report and a review of the literature

Martina Maceroni, Angelo Maria Minnella
  • Ophthalmology
  • General Medicine


to report a case of bilateral macular edema (ME) secondary to Rituximab infusions in a woman affected by IgG4-Related Disease and to review of prior cases of ME related to Rituximab.


ME completely resolved after Intravitreal Dexamethasone Implant (IDI).

Conclusions and Importance

ME is a rare complication after Rituximab infusions and very few cases are reported in the literature. Usually, ME occurs a few weeks after systemic administration and is probably related to a local release of cytokines. It resolves with oral, subtenon or intravitreal steroids. Our case is the first showing that IDI is a safe and effective treatment in ME secondary to Rituximab. Rituximab is not required to be discontinued if treatment for ME is started.

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