DOI: 10.1177/21582440231193340 ISSN:

Research on the Spatial Correlation and Influence Factors of Regional Internet Finance in China

Haihua Yu, Zhiyi Zhuo, Jing Zhang
  • General Social Sciences
  • General Arts and Humanities

Based on the Internet Finance development index developed by Peking University in investigating 31 provinces, we use social network analysis to investigate the spatial correlation and influencing factors of the Internet Finance of China’s provinces. The research shows that the spatial correlation of Internet Finance of China’s provinces has significant characteristics of a regional gradient. The correlation among their correlation is moderate, more closely related, smooth, or weak. All provinces gather to form four plates; they play their respective functional advantages and have different statuses, functions, and roles. The differences between provinces in industrial structure, degree of marketization, infrastructure, degree of informatization, and geographical distance significantly affect the spatial correlation of Internet finance development in China, and the degree of influence decreases in turn. Our results might positively affect policymakers in promoting the coordinated development of regional Internet finance in China.

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