DOI: 10.3390/act12080334 ISSN:

Research on Machine Vision-Based Control System for Cold Storage Warehouse Robots

Zejiong Wei, Feng Tian, Zhehang Qiu, Zhechen Yang, Runyang Zhan, Jianming Zhan
  • Control and Optimization
  • Control and Systems Engineering

In recent years, the global cold chain logistics market has grown rapidly, but the level of automation remains low. Compared to traditional logistics, automation in cold storage logistics requires a balance between safety and efficiency, and the current detection algorithms are poor at meeting these requirements. Therefore, based on YOLOv5, this paper proposes a recognition and grasping system for cartons in cold storage warehouses. A human–machine interaction system is designed for the cold storage environment, enabling remote control and unmanned grasping. At the algorithm level, the CA attention mechanism is introduced to improve accuracy. The Ghost lightweight module replaces the CBS structure to enhance runtime speed. The Alpha-DIoU loss function is utilized to improve detection accuracy. With the comprehensive improvements, the modified algorithm in this study achieves a 0.711% increase in mAP and a 0.7% increase in FPS while maintaining accuracy. Experimental results demonstrate that the CA attention mechanism increases fidelity by 2.32%, the Ghost lightweight module reduces response time by 13.89%, and the Alpha-DIoU loss function enhances positioning accuracy by 7.14%. By incorporating all the improvements, the system exhibits a 2.16% reduction in response time, a 4.67% improvement in positioning accuracy, and a significant overall performance enhancement.

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