DOI: 10.1111/chso.12819 ISSN: 0951-0605

Reimaging activism to save the planet: Using transdisciplinary and participatory methodologies to support collective youth action

Lisa Jones, Katie J. Parsons, Florence Halstead, Joshua M. Wolstenholme
  • Life-span and Life-course Studies
  • Education
  • Health (social science)


This article offers new insights into the important role that transdisciplinary, participatory action research approaches offer young people as a safe space to ‘act’ on climate change and environmental degradation. Drawing upon methodological meta‐reflections on three separate, but interlinked, projects (two UK‐based, one in Vietnam), we highlight an evolving approach that fuses knowledge, local context and emotional connection to engage action. We argue that these innovative approaches facilitate the empowerment of young people to co‐create and lead solutions, adaptations and mitigations that can make a significant impact on the climate and biodiversity crises whilst influencing policymakers and inspiring collaborative change‐making.

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