DOI: 10.1002/ana.26750 ISSN: 0364-5134

Regional Analysis of Intact and Defective HIV Proviruses in the Brain of Viremic and Virally Suppressed People with HIV

Thomas A. Angelovich, Catherine R. Cochrane, Jingling Zhou, Carolin Tumpach, Sarah J. Byrnes, Janna Jamal Eddine, Emily Waring, Kathleen Busman‐Sahay, Claire Deleage, Trisha A. Jenkins, Anna C. Hearps, Stuart Turville, Paul R. Gorry, Sharon R. Lewin, Bruce J. Brew, Jacob D. Estes, Michael Roche, Melissa J. Churchill
  • Neurology (clinical)
  • Neurology

Here, we provide the first regional analysis of intact and defective HIV reservoirs within the brain. Brain tissue from both viremic and virally suppressed people with HIV (PWH) harbored HIV pol DNA in all regions tested, with lower levels present in basal ganglia and cerebellum relative to frontal white matter. Intact proviruses were primarily found in the frontal white matter but also detected in other brain regions of PWH, demonstrating frontal white matter as a major brain reservoir of intact, potentially replication competent HIV DNA that persists despite antiretroviral therapy. ANN NEUROL 2023;94:798–802

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