DOI: 10.12968/jowc.2024.33.2.143 ISSN: 0969-0700

Pressure injury risk factors in adult orthopaedic surgical patients: a cross-sectional study and random forest

Dan Zhao, Jiao Jin, Qiong Luo, Zhiwen Wang, Jinbing An
  • Nursing (miscellaneous)
  • Fundamentals and skills


To identify the most important risk factors for predicting pressure injury (PI) occurrence in adult orthopaedic surgical patients based on investigation data, thereby identifying at-risk patients and facilitating formulation of an effective patient care strategy.


Patients were assessed with an instrument designed by the authors specifically for this study in a cross-sectional investigation following the STROBE checklist. The random forest method was adopted to select the most important risk factors and predict occurrence of PIs.


A dataset of 27 risk factors from 1701 patients was obtained. A subset of the 15 most important risk factors was identified. The random forest method had a high prediction accuracy of 0.9733 compared with 0.9281 calculated with a logistic model.


Results indicated that the selected 15 risk factors, such as activity ability, friction/shear force, skin type and anaesthesia score, performed very well in predicting the occurrence of PIs in adult orthopaedic surgical patients.

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