DOI: 10.1111/nph.19236 ISSN:

Plant immunity suppressor SKRP encodes a novel RNA‐binding protein that targets exon 3′ end of unspliced RNA

Ling Chen, Zhihui Xu, Jie Huang, Haidong Shu, Yufan Hui, Danling Zhu, Yufeng Wu, Suomeng Dong, Zhe Wu
  • Plant Science
  • Physiology


The regulatory roles of RNA splicing in plant immunity are emerging but still largely obscure. We reported previously that Phytophthora pathogen effector Avr3c targets a soybean protein SKRP (serine/lysine/arginine‐rich protein) to impair soybean basal immunity by regulating host pre‐mRNA alternative splicing, while the biochemical nature of SKRP remains unknown.

Here, by using Arabidopsis as a model, we studied the mechanism of SKRP in regulating pre‐mRNA splicing and plant immunity.

AtSKRP confers impaired plant immunity against Phytophthora capsici and associates with spliceosome component PRP8 and splicing factor SR45, which positively and negatively regulate plant immunity, respectively. Enhanced crosslinking and immunoprecipitation followed by high‐throughput sequencing (eCLIP‐seq) showed AtSKRP is a novel RNA‐binding protein that targets exon 3′ end of unspliced RNA. Such position‐specific binding of SKRP is associated with its activity in suppressing intron retention, including at positive immune regulatory genes UBP25 and RAR1. In addition, we found AtSKRP self‐interact and forms oligomer, and these properties are associated with its function in plant immunity.

Overall, our findings reveal that the immune repressor SKRP is a spliceosome‐associated protein that targets exon 3′ end to regulate pre‐mRNA splicing in Arabidopsis.

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