DOI: 10.2478/aoj-2001-0006 ISSN: 2207-7480

Orthodontic treatment of a mildly crowded malocclusion using the Invisalign System

V. Vlaskalic, R. Boyd
  • Orthodontics


The 35-year-old male patient was treated at the University of the Pacific, San Francisco U.S.A., as part of an on-going study investigating the feasibility of the Invisalign System™ of tooth movement. The study called for 40 subjects, 10 with minor, 15 with moderate and 15 with severe tooth deviation. This patient fell into the “moderate” degree-of-difficulty category, due to the position of the maxillary incisors. Treatment time with the initial series of aligners was 14 months. Treatment objectives were met, with the exception of adequate anterior overbite.

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