Satyajit Chincholkar, Mohd Tariq, Majid Poshtan, Mohamed Sharaf

Normalized Error-Based PI Controller and Its Application to the DC–DC Buck Converter

  • General Mathematics
  • Engineering (miscellaneous)
  • Computer Science (miscellaneous)

In this article, the structure of the normalized error-based proportional-integral (PI) controller is presented and its application to the DC–DC buck converter is discussed. The main motivation is to overcome the drawbacks of saturation and the limited range of controller gains offered by the traditional PI controller. Initially, the theoretical structure and advantages of an improved PI controller are shown. Next, the problem of regulation of the step-down DC–DC converter is addressed using the proposed controller. The objective is to keep the load voltage constant even when the converter parameters vary. The averaged state-space model of the converter is presented and a detailed stability analysis based on the Lypunov indirect method is carried out. The results show an improved range of controller parameters when the proposed controller is employed. Finally, some simulation results are shown to illustrate the effect of controller parameter variations on the output response. These results also verify the ability of the proposed controller to handle the changes in the load, input voltage, and reference voltage of the converter. Moreover, a comparative simulation study validates the superior transient response of the proposed normalized error-based PI controller over the traditional PI controller.

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