DOI: 10.1515/aut-2007-070305 ISSN: 2300-0929


Brojeswari Das, A. Das, V. K. Kothari, R. Fangueiro, M. de Araújo
  • General Materials Science

Abstract The moisture transmission behaviour of a clothing assembly plays a very important role in influencing its efficiency with respect to thermophysiological body comfort. This paper is in two parts. Part I deals with the processes involved in moisture transmission and the factors at play. Part II is concerned with selecting the measurement techniques which are of great importance in determining fabric factors that influence comfort. The instruments and methods used for testing purposes should adequately simulate the exact conditions for which the fabric will be used, in order to determine the effectiveness of that fabric for a particular wearing situation and environmental condition. The testing methods used and the apparatus developed by different researchers for determining moisture transmission through textiles by different mechanisms are discussed in this paper. Moreover, this part of the paper deals with the mathematical models of liquid and vapour transport through textile materials developed by several scientists in order to understand the exact phenomena involved and to predict the factors affecting the transmission under a particular condition.

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