DOI: 10.1177/00219096241230489 ISSN: 0021-9096

Impact of Shade on Pedestrian Activities—A Mixed-Methods Research in the City of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Maljini Siriwardena, Lakshika Meetiyagoda
  • Development
  • Geography, Planning and Development

This research delves into the influence of shade on pedestrian activities, employing a comprehensive mixed-methods approach along the primary thoroughfares of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Google Street View photographs served as the primary data source for this spatial analysis. Hotspot analysis and spatial autocorrelation were utilized to depict the spatial distribution of shade and establish its correlation with pedestrian activities. The spatial analysis results revealed a consistent pattern of shade concentration aligning with areas of heightened pedestrian activities. The findings hold significant implications for urban planning and design practitioners, as well as policymakers.

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