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Identifying the optimal cutoff point of Ki-67 in breast cancer: a single-center experience

Wang Li, Ning Lu, Caiping Chen, Xiang Lu
  • Biochemistry (medical)
  • Cell Biology
  • Biochemistry
  • General Medicine


Ki-67 is associated with breast cancer subtypes, but the optimal cutoff point of Ki-67 has not been established in our center. We evaluated the cutoff point of Ki-67 in breast cancer and analyzed the associations among Ki-67, clinicopathological features, and prognosis.


The clinicopathological data and prognostic information of patients with breast cancer treated in our center were retrospectively collected, and the optimal cutoff point of Ki-67 was determined by univariate and multivariate survival risk analyses. The cutoff point was used to group the patients, and the differences in the clinicopathological features and prognosis were analyzed between the two groups.


In total, 609 patients with estrogen receptor-positive and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2-negative primary breast cancer were enrolled. The mean Ki-67 value was 22.3% ± 15.4%, the median was 20%, and a cutoff point of 30% was an independent factor influencing recurrence-free survival. When 30% was used as the cutoff point, patients with a Ki-67 value of ≤30% had a better prognosis and lower tumor malignancy.


The optimal cutoff point of Ki-67 in breast cancer in our center is 30%.

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