DOI: 10.5325/jinfopoli.14.2024.0001 ISSN: 2158-3897

Hopeless Waiting and Apprehension of Missing Out

Ahmed Alrawi
  • Public Administration
  • Sociology and Political Science
  • Communication
  • General Medicine


This research examines the intersection between the policy issues and the experiences Iraqis have with cellular broadband connections (CBCs) in rural Iraq. Findings imply that the Iraqi rural broadband policy has failed in the following areas: subsidy, licenses, and tax relief. These failures happen due to favoring private cellular broadband providers (CBPs) over rural public interest. Further, the policy failure affected rural Iraqis in the following aspects: social seclusion, apprehension of missing out, waiting without hope, and limited alternatives. This research brings new information about the Iraqi telecom sector that could contribute to filling the knowledge gap in this field.

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