DOI: 10.1515/taa-2022-0136 ISSN:

Fixed point theorems of enriched multivalued mappings via sequentially equivalent Hausdorff metric

Mujahid Abbas, Rizwan Anjum, Muhammad Haris Tahir
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Geometry and Topology
  • Algebra and Number Theory


Recently, Abbas et al. [Enriched multivalued contractions with applications to differential inclusions and dynamic programming, Symmetry 13(8) (2021), 1350] obtained an interesting generalization of the Nadler fixed point theorem by introducing the concept of enriched multivalued contraction in the framework of Banach spaces. In this article, we define a new class of metrics on the family of closed and bounded subsets of a given metric space. Furthermore, fixed point theorems were established for enriched multi-valued contractions by substituting the Hausdorff metric with metrics from a specific class that are either metrically or sequentially equivalent to the Hausdorff metric. Some examples are provided to illustrate the concepts and results presented herein. These results improve, unify, and generalize several comparable results in the literature.

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