DOI: 10.3390/mca28050093 ISSN:

Exploring the Potential of Mixed Fourier Series in Signal Processing Applications Using One-Dimensional Smooth Closed-Form Functions with Compact Support: A Comprehensive Tutorial

Carlos-Iván Páez-Rueda, Arturo Fajardo, Manuel Pérez, German Yamhure, Gabriel Perilla
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Computational Mathematics
  • General Engineering

This paper studies and analyzes the approximation of one-dimensional smooth closed-form functions with compact support using a mixed Fourier series (i.e., a combination of partial Fourier series and other forms of partial series). To explore the potential of this approach, we discuss and revise its application in signal processing, especially because it allows us to control the decreasing rate of Fourier coefficients and avoids the Gibbs phenomenon. Therefore, this method improves the signal processing performance in a wide range of scenarios, such as function approximation, interpolation, increased convergence with quasi-spectral accuracy using the time domain or the frequency domain, numerical integration, and solutions of inverse problems such as ordinary differential equations. Moreover, the paper provides comprehensive examples of one-dimensional problems to showcase the advantages of this approach.

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