DOI: 10.17066/tpdrd.1283164_6 ISSN: 1302-1370

Examination of Psychological Counselor Candidates’ Views of Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in Individual Psychological Counseling: A Q Methodology Approach

  • Psychology (miscellaneous)
  • Applied Psychology
  • Education
Individual Psychological Counseling Practicum is an applied course in which Guidance and Psychological Counseling undergraduate senior students have an opportunity to have a practical experience with an actual client in Turkey. In the course, the theoretical approaches chosen by the counselors and their views on this approach may affect their attitudes towards the practicum process and their experiences. In this context, this study aims to determine the opinions of guidance and psychological counseling senior students who took the course Individual Psychological Counseling Practicum about using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in individual psychological counseling with the Q-methodology approach. For this purpose, 33 senior undergraduate students took the Individual Psychological Counseling Practicum course. In the study, Q statements prepared by the researcher and a Q-sort consisting of 18 sentences between -3 and +3 with forced placement were used as a data collection tool. Results showed that the opinions of the counselor candidates about the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy were gathered in a single dimension which indicates a positive attitude.

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